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The Pennington Players

The Pennington Players have been entertaining local audiences since 1951, In 1964, we became the first group to ever perform at The Washington Crossing State Park Open Air Theatre (OAT) with our production of George Bernard Shaw's The Devil's Disciple. The following year, we performed our first musical, Plain & Fancy, which was also the first musical to appear at the OAT.

Over the years, The Pennington Players have performed and worked in numerous venues, including the old Players Barn, various churches; the OAT, and our current home, The Kelsey Theatre in West Windsor, NJ. No matter where performances we held, The Pennington Players have always strived to produce high quality productions and world premieres.


Our goal is to entertain and learn, and to have fun while doing it! Membership is open to anyone interested in working on a show - both on and off stage - but neither actors nor crew members need to be members to participate.

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